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Second home base

I was born in Sandefjord, Norway, 1973. Five years later I moved to Switzerland with my mother, but I have always been very related to my home country and spent a lot of time with my family up north. Meanwhile I have two daughters myself and the desire to bring them closer to their Norwegian roots made me buy this house in Vestfold. Close to my childhood memories and my family, to give us the chance to come here whenever we like. Our home base is still in Switzerland, where we live at a beautiful spot in Zürich. It's a unique place as well, where we enjoy Swiss country life in the city (of course with a Scandinavian touch) which we share with guests as well. And this house in Larvik, is the perfect place to experience the Norwegian way of every day life. It's located in a quiet residential area very close to the sea and a lot of sightseeing spots on the tracks of viking history. It's a pleasure to share this place with guests who like to experience the northern spirit as well. 

For more info and other unique places go to: nordhjem

Mia, Line & Liv

Photo: Rita Palanikumar

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